Why to become the member of RUT Baltic?

Goals of the RUT Baltic:
- to promote cooperation between the Russian and Baltic travel agencies, the state and non-state organizations for the purpose to increase the flow of tourists between the Baltic States and the Russian Federation,
- to improve competitive potential of services provided by the Members, to improve services quality and increase sales on the tourism markets of the Baltic States and the Russian Federation;
- to increase an exchange of information in the tourism industry between the Baltic States and the Russian Federation;
- to create the united tourism product for the third countries – India, China, Latin America;
- to represent and protect professional and financial interests of the Members in the local and international state and non-state organizations;
- to espouse the creation of beneficial business environment that will correspond to the interests of the Members;
- to assist high-quality development of the international tourist services (both incoming and outgoing) in the Baltic States and the Russian Federation;
- to promote cooperation with local, foreign and international tourist Unions and Associations.

Tasks of the RUT Baltic:
- to attract necessary intellectual, financial, organizing and other resources;
- to realize collective purchases for the needs of the Members;
- to represent legal interests of the Members in public and government institutions;
- to participate in development of regulations connected to the tourism industry, development of various political documents interfering the tourism industry, and also to force the implementation of the above mentioned documents;
- to organize and provide informational assistance, consultations and the methodological assistance to the Members;
- to create the databases and informational systems of any kinds, according to regulations, also to use the databases created by the third parties;
- to cooperate with other organizations connected to the tourism industry, representing interests of the Members;
- to advertize tourism opportunities in Baltics in the foreign countries, to espouse (to promote) availability of information about tourism services;
- to represent the Members at the international tourism exhibitions and fairs, to arrange conferences, tourism exhibitions, fairs, symposiums, press conferences and other actions, with the purpose to promote tourism opportunities in Baltic States and Russian Federation, and also to contribute to exchange of information;
- to take part and to carry out international projects promoting development of tourism industry, including projects that are financed by the international or national organizations;
- to offer advisory services to the Members on the questions connected to development of travel business,
- to create, to publish and to distribute advertizing printing materials, periodicals and publications of other kind;
- to organize trainings with the goal to increase professional qualification of the Members;
- to perform other activities to achieve the goals of the Department that are not forbidden by the current legislation.